VOOM closed Sunday, and everyone here at the Museum is really sad to see it go. When I came to work on Monday morning, half the screens were already packed away! Tuesday the crew went to CSPS in Cedar Rapids to take down their portraits, and then back to the UIMA to finish up a couple things, and then they loaded up the trucks and took the T.V. screens away Wednesday. Isn't it funny how something that took months of planning and detailed outlining to execute properly can be dismantled in mere days?

I'm amazed at how attached I got to seeing Steve Buscemi, Johnny Depp and the others every day after just two months. Even though I didn't look at the entire show every day, it was vaguely reassuring knowing that it was essentially at my fingertips if I wanted to see it. I never did get to sit through the entire Winona Ryder portrait at once; now I'll probably never see it all.

It was wonderful to see the Museum so busy during the run of VOOM. The final tally for attendance came in at 15,882. This closing week alone 3,515 people in to see the show, with 1,143 coming in on Sunday! Quite a week! We hope seeing the Museum transformed gave a little spice to our regular attenders' visits and made those of you who were new curious about what usually hangs on those walls. Be sure to come visit us again to check it out!

-- Maggie Anderson, UIMA Marketing and Media Manager

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