Ponseti Sneak Peak

I just got down to the galleries to take a look at the new Ponseti Collection exhibition -- and I thought I'd share my sneak peak with you! The show opens tomorrow, June 4, and will be up most of the summer. You can read the press release on the show here, and make sure you stop by the museum in person to have a look for yourself!
This is a portrait of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti by the artist Ramon Herreros, a Spanish artist born in 1947. You can see more of Herroros' work and read more about him here. Here's a general shot of the mezzanine gallery where about half the works are on display. The other half are down the stairs -- it's sort of a split-story show :)There are six selections from Goya's "The Disasters of War" print series in the show. This series of 80 prints, created between 1810 and 1820, is considered one of the most important artistic examinations of the horrors of war from social, economic and moral perspectives.This is a detail of one of the Goya prints. Pretty intense. More works by Herreros.This etching, Au Revoir M by Miquel (or Michael) Barceló, depicts a scene of goodbye -- the title means "Goodbye M" in French -- as a boat pulls away from the shore. But the large shoe in the foreground signifies gives some hope of return: "In folk history and folk philosophy, leaving your shoes means you'll be back," says Helena Ponseti. The painting in the foreground is especially treasured by the Ponsetis -- it depicts an area of Spain they have fond feelings for. It's called Calla San Visente, and it was painted in 1932 by the American artist Hans Paap.

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