Pollock 'Mural' will not be sold

Good news -- The Iowa Board of Regents will not even consider the possibility of selling the UIMA's celebrated Jackson Pollock painting, Mural (above), at their next meeting!

This news broke late last week after the Regents reviewed a report prepared by the UI in response to the Regents request for information about the painting. This report, sent to the regents on Tuesday, September 30, was prepared using information provided by UIMA Interim Director Pamela White, documentation in the Museum's records, other information in the public domain concerning Jackson Pollock and the painting Mural, as well as help from other university departments. A copy of the report is available here.

The Regents released the report publicly on Friday, October 3, along with a statement from Board President David Miles, which is available here. Miles, in his statement, says, "This concludes the Board's inquiry into this matter." Art blogger Lee Rosenbaum talked with the Board's communications director and confirmed that the regents will not even discuss the matter of potentially selling the Pollock at their October meeting because they consider the issue closed. Read her full post, which includes an Q&A with UIMA Interim Director Pamela White here.

Other coverage of the Regents' report:

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