The Move in the News

The UI Museum of Art made news last week with the announcement that its collection will be temporarily housed in the Figge Art Museum in Davenport beginning as soon as April. With no permanent facility, the Figge will make a good "home away from home" for the UIMA collection, UIMA Director Pamela White told the Gazette.

"It’s amazing and probably unique in the country in many ways to be able to go to another museum and say ‘look, we know you’re in trouble, we have space,’" Sean O’Harrow, Figge’s executive director, told CorridorBuzz.com. “We have the highest-quality storage and display space probably in the country.”

And over at the Quad City Times, Alma Gaul writes extensively about the upcoming move, calling it "the most stunning development in the Figge's 3 1/2-year history" and noting that the arrival of the UIMA's more than 12,000-piece collection will triple the number of works at the downtown Davenport museum.

We'll have more news about the upcoming show at the Figge here later this week, so make sure you check back!

-- Maggie Anderson
UIMA Marketing and Media Manager

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