Press Coverage and other updates

First of all, a HUGE thank you to all our wonderful supporters who came out to all the events these past two weeks! We REALLY appreciate your support.

The UIMA's been in the news quite a bit the last couple of weeks:

The Press Citizen's Rachel Gallegos reports on Saturday's "Conversation about the future of the UI Museum of Art" with UI Officials. Tyler Green, DC-based art blogger who wrote about last year's Pollock issues, links to her article on his blog, Modern Art Notes. The Des Moines Register, the Gazette, KCRG, and the Daily Iowan also cover the "Conversation," though I can't seem to find a link to the DI story. The Chicago Tribune also ran the AP story.

Most of the papers also cover our exhibit opening at the Figge last weekend. The Gazette writes "We're glad to see some of the flood-evacuated collection from the University of Iowa Museum of Art will come out of storage after 10 months and be available for public view." The Quad-Cities online writes "New Figge exhibit shines." KCRG has a video clip here, the Press Citizen has an article here, The Cultural Heritage News Agency carries our press release (badly) here, The Quad City Times cover the opening here, and Jeff Ignatius of the River Cities' Reader has a great story on the exhibit here.

If you haven't checked out Diane Heldt's great coverage of the UIMA@ the Figge, you should. Here are some photos, and here's a great article.

The Daily Iowan's Caroline Berg has a nice article it today's DI on the UIMA "Word Painters" reading with Cutter Wood and Bonnie Sunstein, coming up this Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Old Capitol Museum's Senate Chamber.

Lee Rosenbaum, who visited the UIMA to talk about Deaccessioning issues last week, has a couple great posts on her blog, with more to come. The first is about deaccession legislation, and the second about the flood-devestated arts campus. She also writes briefly about her visit to the Figge, and includes a clip from the KCRG preview of the exhibit.

Claire and I hard at work trying to figure exactly how to use our camcorder software, but we're hoping tohave videos from Lee's talk and this week's Elliott Society event on education next week, as well as some footage from Sunday's opening at the Figge.

Some old business, but worth taking a look if you haven't seen it (and linking to since I have not yet done so!), is this Daily Iowan article on the Museum's return to campus.

I think that should cover it for now at least! Michael Morain will be writing an article for the Des Moines Register for this weekend, so as soon as I get that link I'll post it as well!

--Maggie Anderson, UIMA Marketing and Media Manager

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