A couple random things: Michelle Obama's Speech on the Arts and Marcel Duchamp

The First Lady gave this speech a while back, but I just recently re-found the text of the speech on Lee Rosenbaum's blog.

I particularly like this quote: "From the beginning of our nation, the inspired works of our artists and artisans have reflected the ingenuity, creativity, independence and beauty of this nation. It is the painter, the potter, the weaver, the silversmith, the architect, the designer whose work continues to create an identity for America that is respected and recognized around the world as distinctive and new."

Also, just read about this exhibition on Marcel Duchamp and chess at the St. Louis University Museum of Art.* Sounds awesome! I hope to get a chance to go this summer. I'm huge Duchamp fan. Did you know that the UIMA has a work by him commonly called Boit-en-valise (pictured)? It has mini-versions of a lot of his other works in a little suitcase. Word is it will be on display in the UIMA's Richey Ballroom Gallery when it opens in the fall...

--Maggie Anderson, UIMA Marketing and Media Manager

* A previous version of this post mistakenly listed the Duchamp exhibition as occurring at the St. Louis Art Museum.


Anonymous said...

The Duchamp exhibit is not at the St. Louis Art Museum, but rather at St. Louis University Museum of Art - two very different institutions

University of Iowa Museum of Art said...

You are correct -- thanks for pointing out my mistake. That's what I get for reading things quickly -- didn't mean any offense!

-- Maggie