The Beginning

As soon as we heard about Robert Wilson's new video portrait project, we thought it would be a great show for the UIMA. And we just happened to have a big spot in our schedule for Spring 2008. So we were immediately in touch with RW's organization to inquire about whether they might be available. Wilson had a residency at the University of Iowa many years ago -- and created his breakthrough piece, Deafman Glance, here at the University. Wilson's former assistant, Mel Andringa, is Producing Director of CSPS in Cedar Rapids, so we got Mel involved as well. A number of emails later, we were set up to show these pieces starting in February of 2008. In the intervening time, we have had a visit from Noah Khoshbin to check out the space, arranged for all kind of marketing and publicity for the show, and prepared the Museum as well as we can for installing the video monitors. With a lot of generous support from sponsors in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, it all seems to be underway. We have to have special electrical circuits installed, lots of new walls in the Museum, we've put away all of our own painting collection, and are even putting down carpet in some galleries just for the show.

Stay in touch with us over the next few month to hear aobut how a show like this gets installed, gets opened, how we communicate about it with visitors, and how they react.

-- Howard Creel Collinson, UIMA Director

Image: Zhang Huan, Artist, 2004, high-definition video
VOOM PORTRAITS Robert Wilson is commissioned and produced by VOOM HD Networks

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