More photographs from Deafman

These are images from Deafman Glance rehearsals at the UI. Photos and captions courtesy of Mel Andringa at CSPS.
Mel Andringa works on the Goat-Woman's house in the middle ground. Sue Sheehy, the waitress Wilson recruited for the performance, is sweeping the stage next to the prscenium. The guy in longjohns is Michael Eilenfeld, a multi-media graduate student. Sitting in a seat in the auditorium facing the camera is Seth Tomasini, son of UI Professor of Art History Wallace Tomasini.

This is a rehearsal for the murder scene with Raymond Andrews (center) and Sheryl Sutton, who played his mother. Wilson is standing behind them, partially obscured. The man leaning against the wall is unknown.
This is a rehearsal with the bin people and the ox followers. The boy with his hand on the ox is unknown. On the right is Carroll Dunn.

That's Bob in the middle. Cindy Lubar is behind him. Carroll Dunn is the standing man with the goatee, and the woman seated on the floor in the lower left is Scotty Snyder. Scotty was originally from Iowa and lived in Summit, New Jersey. She knew both Bob and Hans Breder through classes at the Summit Art Center and may have introduced them.
Here Raymond Andrews is posing with John D'Archengelo (Pink Angel), a 'ghost' or gray figure, a gorilla, the giant rabbit, and the ox who swallows the sun.

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