The Installation

First, we had to take down nearly all of the permanent collection. Most of the galleries looked like this:
Then the crew began painting walls, installing electronic equipment, and doing various other preparatory tasks to get ready for the portraits' arrival.
They even installed carpet in the North Gallery just for the exhibition. For the Winona Ryder projection, a special (and spendy) "screen goo" was applied to the wall. Finally, after months of preparation, on Friday, Jan. 25, the crates arrived.
The crew was pleased that they were on wheels. So easy to move!
The crates were placed in the galleries where we planned to install them.
A crew of installers from VOOM HD Networks and Robert Wilson arrived over the weekend of Jan. 25 and began getting the screens out of their boxes and onto the walls. Now, the galleries look something like this:
Be sure to stop by the Museum to see the full show -- it really looks fantastic!

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